We’re Eric and L

and we like to travel.

Howdy! We’re Eric and L. We met on the internet and wound up married, which is a cool way of saying that we do most things together and we’re huge nerds.

We both like to travel, and we’re both amateur photographers, so we take a ton of pictures whenever we go places. After a while, we thought… why aren’t we doing anything with these? Well, now we are.

A big problem we’ve had since Covid hit is that it’s hard to go anywhere or do anything safely. So we’ve been taking pandemic-friendly day trips from our hometown of Seattle, and are hoping to share some of the places we’ve found. Whether you’re a local wanting ideas for how to get out of the house or you just want to see pretty places in Washington, we’ve got you covered.

Eventually we’ll be taking up domestic and international travel again, and we can’t wait to share our finds with you.


What cameras do you use?

Eric uses a Panasonic G85 and L uses a Pentax Q7. They both use their phones on occasion: LG V40 and Google Pixel 3a, respectively.
Why is your website named The Rambling Spice?

The plural of spouse is spice, obviously. Mouse, mice. Spouse, spice.

Rambling covers both a laissez-faire attitude toward exploring and a tendency to talk a lot about an assortment of things, both of which we’re here for. We’re spice, and we ramble.


Who made the website?

L did, with input from Eric.

johnnie black cat



That’s Johnnie, our cat. She likes long naps on the couch, biting L’s feet, and attacking unsuspecting reflections on the wall. She is a fluffy menace to society, and is very thoroughly spoiled.



Eric uses he/him and L uses they/them.


How do you travel? Are you rich?

LOL no, we just happen to live somewhere with a lot of very beautiful things to see in close proximity. America biiiig.